Dec 16

A Brief Review on Saisea

Looking into the brand behind some of the most versatile accessories.


For anyone who knows me, I've never been one to wear jewelry other than a watch. I always feel you need the right outfit in order for the accessories to compliment the look. It wasn't until I tried out some cuffs from Saisea that my perspective on this matter changed.

Saisea is a brand out of Olympia, WA that crafts unisex bracelets and rings for every day wear. The minimal design of their pieces make them easy to pair with just about any outfit and the quality is top notch. One aspect of the products that stood out to me is the fit of the cuffs. I have very small wrists which makes it hard to wear any type of bracelet or watch. I am usually having to custom size them in order to get the perfect fit. The cool thing about Saisea's cuff bracelets is that they are adjustable to your wrist. Just encircle one hand firmly over the edge on one end of the bracelet and gently bend until you get your preferred fit.

Saisea Square Cuff Bracelet in Gold Saisea Square Cuff Bracelet in Gold Saisea Square Cuff Bracelet in Gold

Square Cuff Bracelet in Gold

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The brand knows quality is something that should be taken seriously. This is why all products on the website are made entirely of sterling silver. An exception to this are the gold products which are also plated with 18k gold. Whether you are heading out to the city or taking an adventure to the Olympic National Forest, you'll know their products will be durable and last for the longhaul.

I believe brands have the opportunity to make differences whether it be in their own community or someone else's. This is why Saisea has dedicated to donate 5% of their sales to PeaceTrees Vietnam and Hue Help. Both organizations help those in Vietnam whether it be removing unexploded remnants of the war or helping disadvantaged children. If you'd like to know more about these organizations, check out Saisea's section of their website on giving back.

I only partner with brands that I believe enhance your wardrobe while also delivering quality which is why I can't recommend these products enough. They've become part of my every day wear and can add an elegant aesthetic to your personal style. If you're still trying to decide what to get the significant other for the holidays or just want to treat yourself, I highly consider you check out Saisea's collection.

Saisea Triangle Cuff Bracelet in Silver Saisea Triangle Cuff Bracelet in Silver Saisea Triangle Cuff Bracelet in Silver