While this blog started as a place to talk in depth about menswear, I have slowly branched out to include all things fashion and lifestyle related. The blog is made to be a space where I can share my thoughts on subjects that I’m passionate about, things that inspire me, and anything I find interesting in the moment.

When I first discovered fashion, I was very intrigued by Scandinavian minimalism. My wardrobe consisted of the basics, mainly all neutral essentials. Fast forward a few years later and my style has of course changed but kept some ideas I still deem valuable. I think it’s important to keep a wardrobe which is timeless and considers the sustainable aspect rather than keeping up with trends. On the other side, I find it necessary to step out of that comfort zone and create a style which is your own. For me, that is investing in more quality items and independent designers that deserve to be recognized.

I hope to create a place which shines a light on the idea of noticing more. Whether that be in the clothing I wear or the photography I create, I want to be sure the ordinary things and the details of life are not gone unnoticed.

If you’re interested in chatting about all things fashion and lifestyle related or just want to talk, give me a shout on Instagram.